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Triple R Emergency Response Team to the rescue!

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

The Rickilee Response and Rescue Team (Triple R) continues to respond to emergency calls on Ambergris Caye, assisting accident victims throughout the island. The most recent cases involved a near drowning and two traffic accidents. The most severe of these accidents include a young tourist, who suffered massive head injuries and was eventually airlifted to the USA.
On Sunday, May 5th, the team from Triple R was called to the Secret Beach area, where on arrival, they observed 46-year-old Belizean construction Lisandro Gonzalez face down in the water. Triple R’s auxiliary Philip ‘Billy’ Leslie responded swiftly and transported the victim to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II for treatment. Gonzalez’s condition was deemed critical, and Triple R began planning to transport him to Belize City for further medical assistance. While arranging his transport, the team received a second call about a traffic accident north of San Pedro Town.
Leslie rushed to the scene and observed 18-year-old American National Austin Lientz badly injured and presenting with a concussion and possible loss of consciousness. Reports are Lientz fell from a moving golf cart, causing severe head injuries. He was taken to the Polyclinic and along with Gonzalez, airlifted to Belize City, then transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by the Belize Emergency Response Team. Lientz was transferred to a private medical center where his condition was deemed critical with internal cranial pressure. With lifesaving action, he was induced into a medical coma, placed on a ventilator and on Monday, May 6th he underwent two surgeries that lasted a total of four hours. After this surgical intervention, the Triple R team coordinated flight crews from the United States and Tuesday, May 7th Lientz was transported to the Brower County Hospital in Florida, USA. According to Lientz family, he has was brought out of the induced coma, and the ventilator was removed. He is aware of his surroundings and starting to answer questions appropriately.
Meanwhile, Gonzalez is on the road to recovery. His family is now appealing to the public for assistance. Anyone able to help can call 660-0468 or 668-5048.
A third accident was registered on Tuesday, May 7th, involving a female tourist after she fell from a golf cart. She sustained head injuries and was transported to Ambergris Caye Hopes Clinic. She was treated and is on her way to recovery.
Triple R is a young non-profit, Quick Response Team that assists both island residents and visitors alike in emergencies. The group was formed in memory of American National Rickilee Mercer, who perished on the leeward coast of Ambergris Caye in March 2017. She went missing after heading out for a jet-ski adventure. She was found dead on March 1, 2017. Since the creation of Triple R, the emergency response team has become the main point of contact for road and water accidents. Triple R utilizes 15 plus volunteers and staff to complete this beach to bedside transfer with thanks to the Belizean team, Vanesa Parham, Billy Leslie, and Chris Alpuche. The organization is always looking for volunteers, donations, and help in growing within the community. Donations can be made with a credit card or PayPal via their website on www.rrr.lfe or contact Jodie Harnish at Palapa Bar & Grill.
For any emergencies, Triple R can be reached any time by calling 627-1117.

Triple R Responds

Triple R received a call on Thursday February 7th from one of our contacts on Secret Beach. We were informed of a golf cart accident with a possible head injury.

Due to the quick response by Triple R and RRR Evac, it only took 11 minutes, yes that’s right 11 minutes, for our team in the van to arrive at the scene and render help.

Those of us on the island know how incredible this is! In the past, this kind of incident would have typically been handled by a passing cart, followed by a long bumpy ride to the polyclinic.

Triple R’s brisk response with help from the community allowed the injured persons to be effectively transported using a neck brace and other equipment donated by Triple R Houston and RRR Evac.

Dr. Dan Gonzales was able to quickly assess the head injury, which in turn required more than the polyclinic visit. With the help of Dr. Dan, Triple R made the call to RRR Evac, who arranged a flight to Belize City where the patient received an MRI and proper medical care.

There are no words that adequately describe how proud we are of our team! To see this kind of response come to fruition is exciting for Triple R as well as our community. A big thank you again for all of our supporters.

Ground Hog Day Poker Run raises money for Triple R on the Island

Ground Hog Day in San Pedro was celebrated by a well attended Boat Poker Run organized by Jodie Harnish and the Palapa Bar. Guests arrived at Palapa and were greeted by Jodie and Scott Harnish. Jodie did an amazing job keeping things running smoothly and organized. The boats loaded up and headed to to get their first card in their poker hand. They arrived at PortoFino where fantastic music was playing and service was impeccable! Next stop, Rojo Lounge where they enjoyed complimentary Belizean Rum Punch and the always delicious food at Rojo. Dive Bar was next where Lia and Doug McClain welcomed the guests and as always served delicious food and cocktails to enjoy. (see Lia with RRR ground hog) The Poker Run ended at Palapa Bar where the guests received their 5th and final card and they presented their Poker hands. The winners, Gene Nunn, Robin S. and and Chris M. were the big winners and generously donated their winnings back to the cause!!! A huge thank you! Chi Chi was the perfect choice to sell raffle tickets as she is hard to say no to! As anyone would expect she did an amazing job raising money. Thank you Chi Chi! Michelle Buchanan-Kirkby won the raffle and she also generously donated back her winnings! Thank you Michelle! The island is full of huge hearts that continue to support RRR every day! The fun filled Ground Hog Day celebration was a huge success again! And, by the way, the Ground Hog predicted continuing beautiful spring weather on Ambergris Caye!

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November 2017

November 2017

Our trip in November 2017 was successful.  In attendance was a representative form the Belizean Coast guard, 10 dive shops, Jodie and Scott Harnish from The Palapa, Vanessa Parham of NEMO (National Emergency Management Office) our on the ground marketing person and a representative from the hyperbaric chamber who will be answering our phones 24-7.