November 2017

Our trip in November 2017 was successful.  In attendance was a representative form the Belizean Coast guard, 10 dive shops, Jodie and Scott Harnish from The Palapa, Vanessa Parham of NEMO (National Emergency Management Office) our on the ground marketing person and a representative from the hyperbaric chamber who will be answering our phones 24-7.

Through your support and donations, we feel extremely blessed that we've grown our team and now have people in place that will be able to help answer emergency phone calls from men, women and children that are traveling to Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With a list of equipment that is still needed to perform proper search and rescues and an action list that includes Standard Operating Procedures for incoming calls and informing authorities;  we are one step closer to helping citizens that are in need of rescuing.