Reef Week Success!

May 8th-13th, Traci Curtin and Danielle Kershaw traveled to Ambergris Caye to participate in Reef Week by first attending the Reef Fair intending to spread awareness of Triple R Response and roll out the local Water Emergency phone number (627-1117).  It was well received by the community and many people expressed the need and gratitude for this organization on the island.

Traci and Danielle spent a couple of days going up and down the coast of the island visiting the local dive shops to hand out posters and swag for the tour operators. We were excited to hear that some of the tour operators were already aware of the organization's efforts on the island and we are happy to say there are a few that are already on the RRR team. Others were happy to learn more about RRR and later joined us for the board meeting on the island where we had over 30 participants. Both Traci and Danielle left the board meeting feeling great about the supportive response from the tour operators and locals that attended.

Later in the week, Traci and Danielle met with two Marines from Civil Affairs representing the Department of Defense, Nick Gates & Marty Acosta. Captain Gates set up a meeting with Mayor Daniel Guerrero for Triple R where we were able to gain his support for the volunteer based organization.  Also in attendance were Billy Leslie (RRR Island Lead & Chairman for the San Pedro Tour Guide Association), Vanessa Parham (Belize Rural South National Emergency Management Organization Coordinator), and a reporter from the San Pedro Sun newspaper.  Traci was able to deliver 9 floating marine radios, 10 50-feet throw ropes, whistles, batteries, and other materials that were paid from the funds raised in Houston last year. The San Pedro Sun feature can be read by clicking this link: San Pedro's Water Emergency Response Team Receives Donation

Check out our Facebook page to see the pictures and posts from Reef Week.  We would like to give a big shout out to Chris Fink at who provided us with the amazing banner and weather appropriate posters for the island.  Rickilee Response & Rescue Facebook Page


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