Triple R Responds

Triple R received a call on Thursday February 7th from one of our contacts on Secret Beach. We were informed of a golf cart accident with a possible head injury.

Due to the quick response by Triple R and RRR Evac, it only took 11 minutes, yes that’s right 11 minutes, for our team in the van to arrive at the scene and render help.

Those of us on the island know how incredible this is! In the past, this kind of incident would have typically been handled by a passing cart, followed by a long bumpy ride to the polyclinic.

Triple R’s brisk response with help from the community allowed the injured persons to be effectively transported using a neck brace and other equipment donated by Triple R Houston and RRR Evac.

Dr. Dan Gonzales was able to quickly assess the head injury, which in turn required more than the polyclinic visit. With the help of Dr. Dan, Triple R made the call to RRR Evac, who arranged a flight to Belize City where the patient received an MRI and proper medical care.

There are no words that adequately describe how proud we are of our team! To see this kind of response come to fruition is exciting for Triple R as well as our community. A big thank you again for all of our supporters.